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Australia-Vanuatu Partnership Report 2009

Summary of publication

This is the first report on the Australia – Vanuatu Partnership for Development, signed in May 2009. It covers the 2009 calendar year as well as some significant events in 2010.

The report assesses that work in education, infrastructure and economic governance is 'on track' to achieve the agreed partnership objectives by 2015. It assesses progress in health as 'partly on track' with more work needed on health reforms. Achievements included: good cooperation among donors under the Vanuatu Education Road Map; inroads into malaria; nurse training addressed shortages; early work in infrastructure including design of a new international wharf in Port Vila; and improved budget and financial management (e.g. so that 94 per cent of primary schools could directly receive and manage government funds). The report highlights support for the following priorities in 2010-11: wharf development and reform; roads and other transport infrastructure (including addressing climate impacts); and reforms in aviation, mobile telecommunications and electricity.

Full publication

Last Updated: 24 September 2014
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