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Latin America Aid Program Performance Report 2012–2013


This report summarises progress in Australia's aid program to Latin America from January 2012 to July 2013.


Latin America continued to make gains against poverty targets and social development indicators during the 18-month reporting period to July 2013. Australia's aid program supported development progress by achieving results in sustainable economic development, effective governance, and humanitarian and disaster response.

During the reporting period the Australian Government undertook a program mid-term review to assess the program's performance against relevance, efficiency and effectiveness. The Australian Government will use the APPR and program mid-term review findings and recommendations to assess options for strategic program development. In the next 12 months, the Latin America program will consolidate by working through core partners in priority sectors and in countries where Australian official development assistance can make the greatest difference. The consolidated program will concentrate on supporting sustainable economic development, delivered primarily through Australia's partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank and targeting poorer countries.

Latin America Aid Program Performance Report 2012–2013 [PDF 410kb]
Latin America Aid Program Performance Report 2012–2013 [Word 534kb]

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Last Updated: 4 February 2014
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