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Middle East and North Africa Aid Program Performance Report 2012–13


This report summarises progress in the Australian Government's aid program to the Middle East and North Africa (Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, and Tunisia) in 2012–13.


The conflict in Syria is now in its third year and the humanitarian crisis has reached unprecedented levels. A strong Australian response to date–$75.5 million in this reporting period–is helping to provide water, food, shelter, medical care and protection for people affected. This APPR updates on performance, identifies achievements and outlines future management strategies to address key challenges.

Development results of Australian aid in North Africa have been mixed. Programs are still in the early stages of implementation in an environment of significant political and economic uncertainty. Australia's bilateral aid program to Iraq continued to phase out in 2012–13 in line with Australian Government policy and similar withdrawal of like-minded donors, as Iraq's economy continues to grow and it is able to fund its own development.

Middle East and North Africa Aid Program Performance Report 2012–13 [PDF 308kb]
Middle East and North Africa Aid Program Performance Report 2012–13 [Word 584kb]

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Last Updated: 4 February 2014
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