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Nepal Aid Program Performance Report 2017-18

Summary of publication

In 2017-18 Australia's aid program provided $33.9 million in official development assistance to Nepal.

This report summarises the performance of Australia's aid program to Nepal against three objectives focused on enterprise and job creation, education and building governance capacity. Australia's assistance continued to support poverty reduction in line with Nepal's fourteenth three-year plan (2016-17 to 2018-19). Achievements included the finalisation of our support for the Micro-Enterprise Development Program (MEDEP IV). Over the last five years MEDEP IV achieved its target of assisting 73,000 micro-entrepreneurs to establish businesses. Australia is assisting the Nepal government to develop a successor program to MEDEP and a new livelihoods program targeting small to medium sized enterprises is under design. In response to floods and landslides in August 2017, Australia provided $2 million for emergency shelter, food, clean water and healthcare. Australia's value-add also includes the provision of quality technical assistance to help Nepal transition to a new federal structure of government.

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Last Updated: 18 September 2018
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