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Papua New Guinea Aid Program Performance Report 2013-14

This report provides an assessment of the performance of Australia's bilateral aid program in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for the financial year 2013-14.


Australia's aid to PNG, estimated valued at $519.4 million in 2013-14, continued to support public sector reforms and basic service delivery in PNG as agreed under the PNG-Australia Partnership for Development (P4D). Assistance was provided in the areas of health and HIV, education, transport infrastructure, law and justice, and governance. The report outlines key achievements and challenges in the delivery of this aid. It also identifies steps the Australian Government will take, in cooperation with the PNG Government, to improve the impact of our aid in PNG in the years ahead.

The impact of Australia's aid to PNG in 2013-14 varied between sectors. Our health programs made good progress but our support would have had greater impact if procurement reforms in PNG had been realised. Greater efforts to address tuberculosis in PNG are also needed in the coming years. We helped improve PNG's transport infrastructure, a key factor in promoting economic development. Australian assistance also helped to improve access to education and law and justice services for the people of PNG, although concerns about education quality remain. Our programs also contributed to efforts to improve gender equality and women's empowerment, to increase public sector effectiveness and to fight corruption.

Papua New Guinea Aid Program Performance Report 2013-14 (PDF 674kb)
Papua New Guinea Aid Program Performance Report 2013-14 (Word 453kb)

Last Updated: 29 October 2014
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