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Sub-Saharan Africa Aid Program Performance Report 2014-15

Summary of publication

Australian aid continued to make a valuable and targeted contribution to the development of Sub-Saharan Africa during 2014-15, despite large reductions in the budget allocation and global reorientation of the aid program towards the Indo-Pacific region. Some key achievements through Australia's support include:

  • The adoption of best practice water harvesting techniques among West Africa Water Management activity participants, leading to 40-70 per cent higher yields, through the Australia Africa Partnerships Facility (AAPF)
  • Increased incomes for over 170,000 poor women and men and increased access to financial services for over 90,000 poor women and men through the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF)
  • Life-saving assistance for more than 203,000 vulnerable men, women and children, in response to critical food shortages in South Sudan
  • Mitigation of chronic food insecurity for 98,000 poor women and men in the four poorest counties in Kenya

The aid program is an important element of Australia's broader engagement with Africa and reflects the Government's economic diplomacy agenda. Australia's aid program to Sub-Saharan Africa will be guided in future years by the Sub-Saharan Africa Aid Investment Plan (2015-2019).

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Last Updated: 27 October 2015
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