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Demand from top restaurants make Clean Seas a market leader in Europe

Clean Seas is an Australian premium seafood business. It is a global leader in full cycle breeding, production and sale of Yellowtail Kingfish and is renowned worldwide for its exceptionally high quality fish.

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Clean Seas' Kingfish is popular among chefs and diners at Michelin starred restaurants who seek a premium product and a strong provenance story.

As larvae and hatchlings, Yellowtail Kingfish are hand-nurtured and fed a highly nutritious diet. At 75 days old, fingerlings of no more than 35 grams are helicoptered into large, open sea pens in the crystal clear waters surrounding Port Lincoln. Once they reach sashimi size at around 16-24 months they are harvested humanely and immediately placed in chilled seawater for transportation to Clean Seas' state-of-the-art processing facility.

Clean Seas was the first aquaculture company in the Southern Hemisphere to be certified sustainable by the internationally-recognised Friend of the Sea seafood operations auditing system and also recently obtained certification from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

A fishing boat
Credit: Clean Seas

How an Australia – European Union Free Trade Agreement could help:

Expanding trade in goods

Australia is seeking an ambitious and comprehensive free trade agreement with the European Union to drive Australian exports, economic growth and job creation. We are seeking significantly improved market access for Australian fish and fishery products into a market with half a billion consumers.

Making trading easier

We are seeking to reduce barriers to trade and promote effective and efficient customs procedures, to make it easier for Australian companies to do business with the EU.

Securing competitive opportunities

We are negotiating ambitious rules that will assist small and medium-sized enterprises to take advantage of the benefits of the FTA, including information sharing arrangements that make it easier for SMEs to find the right networks to expand their business.


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